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Telephone Answering

London Telephone Answering Service

£16 a month - includes 14 calls
No set up fees, no monthly contracts or cancellation fees.

If you are a small to medium sized business based in London or a new start up and you have been looking for a London based Telephone Answering Service, already you will have established that the costs involved are high and the pricing policies both confusing and inconsistent. 

With London having the highest commercial property, rental and salary costs in the UK, it is not suprprising costs for London based services are high. But you don't have to pay sky high prices to get a quality service. 

Our UK based telephone answering service covers the whole UK so whether you are based in London, Llandudno, Sussex or Scotland, your calls are diverted to us, without your customers noticing any difference. 

There are no other costs, such as set up fees, management fees or cancellation fees.

How a Telephone Answering Service benefits your business

• Your customers deal with real people rather than voicemail.
• Never miss a call or potential sale.
• Free up your staff time and improve productivity.
• Reduce overheads, no equipment or premises to pay for.
• No NICs or staff salaries - low cost alternative to a receptionist.
• Cover for staff sickness and holiday.
• No monthly management fees or set up costs.
• No contracts, minimum time periods, or cancellation fees.
Telephone Answering Service further information

Using your own telephone number:
Most established companies will already have a well publicised telephone number or mobile that they use on the website, business cards or marketing materials which can easily be diverted to an exclusive dedicated number that we will provide to you.
What if you don't have own telephone number:
If you don't currently have a virtual number (non geographical (0800, 0845 etc.) or geographical (01/02), we can arrange to supply one for you. This saves you time from searching and comparing suppliers. The prices depend on a range of factors such as type and the sequence of the of number. If you wish to purchase one yourself give us a call and we can advise you on things for you to consider.