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Virtual Office London

London Virtual Address Office

A virtual office address is a real street address used by businesses as either their official office address and/or for their general day-to-day business correspondence.

  • Registered Office Address services - from £39 per year, includes FREE forwarding of official (HMRC/Companies House) mail by post or scan
  • Add Directors Service Address for £15 per year - this covers all Directors
  • Sole Traders/Business Address London - £99 a year
  • "All-Mail" Package - includes the Registered Office, Service Address and Business Address - from £150 per year.
  • Great Price for a Great Central London Address
  • Central EC1 location - Hatton Garden/Farringdon area
  • Create a great first impression with an EC1 Address
  • Private and Confidential Service
  • Protect your home address from becoming public
  • Sign Up Quickly online, usually takes less than 1 hour - No set up Fees
  • Ideal for New Start Ups, Established & International Business​
  • London Mail Forwarding - includes mail handling
  • Flexible Mailing Solution - choose to have mail forwarded or scanned and emailed
  • This service is for letters only - we can not accept deliveries, product returns or signed for packages (for this we would recommend our Sussex address)
  • London Virtual/Business Address - can be used on Websites and Stationery


Why use a Virtual Office?

  • London Virtual OfficeA London virtual office provides you with a prestigious business address to use on websites and company stationery without having to pay the London rents and associated overheads.

  • Many of our home based clients do not wish to provide their home address to clients and suppliers.

  • International based and equally UK based business may want to open a London office to market to the UK or test their services/products before committing to renting offices, using a virtual office will reduce the risks and financial costs

  • Limited companies are legally required to register their company at Companies House. They maintain a register of every limited company in the UK.

  • A company uses our business address, safe in the knowledge that their personal and private details are private and confidential.

  • By registering the address at Companies House and HMRC, official mail arrives at the London address. Mail is forwarded to you by email or posted.

  • london directors service addressCompany Directors can apply to use the address, rather than have to declare their personal residential address on the publically available company registers. Directors can only use the address for the one company; they can not use it for any other companies of which they may be directors.
  • A limited company can also choose to use the virtual address for their customers and suppliers and with banks, so that they have one address for all their business mail. 
  • Sole traders can also apply for our business address services, for use as a contact address on websites and stationery.

  • We are unable to sign for large packages and parcels, all mail sent to the virtual address should be normal general mail. We can accept packages but their need to be letterbox friendly.

  • We cannot accept large trade deliveries and will be refused.

  • In addition, we do not accept any package containing dangerous, live or perishable, plus anything we consider to be unreasonable or unlawful.

  • Our London virtual office, is for administrative purposes only, and provides you with a business mailing address only.

  • It is unsuitable for holding meetings or as a venue to meet your clients. You cannot collect your mail from our London address.

How do I get a London Virtual Office?

Signing up is relatively straightforward, which can all be done via our online application form.

You can add the services to the online basket and them proceed to checkout. 

To purchase you can either select the services from the Homepage or the relevant individual pages and select BUY NOW.



I-Support is registered and licenced by HMRC and registered with the appropriate Local London Authority in order to provide mailing addresses.

As part of our licence and Anti-Money Laundering requirements, we are required to know who our clients are, what they are using the address for and where the mail is to be forwarded.

This means that clients will need to provide details of company directors and beneficial owners.

We ask that all business owners provide proof of their identity (driving licence or passport) and proof of their current address (utility bill or bank statement - not more than 3 months old). 

UK based clients ID are electronically checked, but, if we are unable to confirm your identity, you are required to provide certified copies.

Non-UK clients need to provide certified/notarised ID, as we are unable to electronically verify your documents and details.

If registered at Companies House, a limited company needs to provide a copy of their certificate of incorporation.

Once we have all the necessary ID, for UK applicants, we carry out online verification checks, which check a number of data sources to confirm your name and the address that has been given, to ensure there is a link.

Once we have verified the ID we can approve your application to use the address.

Please note, that we are required to provide your ID to Police, trading standards etc. if they are investigating your company.

We do not give out your details to any third parties for marketing purposes.

If you have all your ID ready before you start, you can upload it whilst completing the application form, this will ensure that we can quickly deal with your application.

Please note that we can not approve your application until we have the correct ID.

London Registered Office Address

Includes FREE forwarding of HMRC and Companies House letters by scan and email. We have a fair use policy that enables you to have up to 10 letters forwarded or scanned during the 12 months. If you start to receive lots of mail from Companies House and HMRC we will contact you.

A limited company uses a registered office address as the official correspondence address at Companies House and HMRC.

Use a registered office provider, rather than use your home address or renting an office. 

registered office address information >> 

The registered office address service does not permit the use of the address for general day-to-day business mail, such as, bank, customers or suppliers correspondence. Any mail received will be returned to sender and we will notify you, so you can contact them to amend their records.

If you want to use the address on your invoices, online marketing etc please take a moment to look at the All Mail package.




directors office londonAll Directors are required to provide a service address, where Companies House can contact you, which are are publically available. 

Companies House usually contact Directors if the business has failed to file accounts, complete the annual confirmation statement etc.

If you do not want to use your home address, you can use our director's service address, so that your address is not listed on the register and online.

You are still required to provide Companies House with your Usual Residential Address, but this is not available to the public or online.

The DSA does not apply to other companies you may be directors of, you will need to have a seperate account for each seperate company if you are a director of multiple companies.

directors service address information >>





This is one of our most popular virtual office packages for limited companies. 


FOR LIMITED COMPANIES - includes Registered Office,
Directors Service Address &
Virtual Office Address.

You can use the address with Companies House, HMRC, banks, customers and suppliers, and on company stationery, websites and online directories.

Whilst protecting your own contact details from becoming public and portraying a professional image. 

Your official mail from Companies House and HMRC is forwarded free, either by post or electronically and we do ask for a £20 deposit, so that we can forward your business day to day mail.

You can select how your mail is to be forwarded, i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, first class, second class, scan and email or uploaded to your online account. You can change how your mail is forwarded at any time and as often as you like at no extra charge.

The cost of the mailing service depends on where you are based and where the post is forwarded to. 

all mail package information >>




£99.99 per year

Real address based in the UK, the London Business address for company stationery & websites.

We  cannot accept large packages and parcels larger than letterbox size.

If you require your post or packages to be signed form, we would recommend using our Sussex address instead, as the London offices have limited hours during the day. Our Sussex office is open longer and more available to sign for packages and letters.

Mail forwarded daily/weekly/monthly and charged at Royal Mail prices only.

The cost is paid from your postage deposit of £20.

  • Mail scanned same day, cost 50p
(less than the price of a 1st class stamp)

*this does not include the registered office and directors service address.

business address information >> 

If your deposit gets below £5, we will contact you to top up your deposit via your dashboard in the online account.