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Telephone Answering - Holiday Cover

Telephone AnsweringEveryone is entitled and deserves time off from work to rest, relax and recharge the batteries. But for many sole traders this poses a problem as to who will look after the business if they take two weeks off or and for larger businesses, who can cover the work of the receptionist or deal with calls to key staff. 

Equally there may be times when there is unplanned leave, through sickness, bereavement or family illness when you have no notice. 

We can provide cover for a minimum of 1 day and there is no obligation or further commitment required.

For a minimum of £16, we will answer up to 14 calls with no set up costs or deposit required. Additional calls will cost £1.20 

We do not charge for cold calls or wrong numbers. We will take a message and email or text you and your staff, so that as an owner you can keep track of what is happening and deal with any urgent calls if required or contact them when you are back in work. 


24/7 Answering
Never miss a call
Sickness cover
No minimum contracts
Minimum Monthly Charge
UK based staff
Message via SMS costs 10p