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Telephone Answering - Message Service

purejam logoVirtual Receptionist Service 


purejam, provides a virtual receptionist service, which is ideal for companies that require more than the usual basic information  of name, number and message from their customers.There is also the option to have you calls transfered to a landline or mobile.

Costs common to all pureJAM packages

  • Setup Fee - FREE
  • 24/7 Answering - FREE
    • Message Delivered via E-Mail - FREE
  • Message Delivered via SMS - 5p / SMS
  • If you ask us to put a caller through to your UK landline - 5p / minute (for the patched call only)
  • If you ask us to put a caller through to your UK mobile - 10p / minute (for the patched call only)

(all prices exclude VAT)

These calls last longer than the basic answering service, so are priced differently at per minute rather than per call.


Info Collected

Name, Company Name, Telephone Number, Mobile Number, E-mail Address, postal address and message..

Telephone Answering Pricing

Pricing starts at £35 per month management fee plus 90p per minute on the calls.

To transfer the call across to you, the billing then changes to 5p per minute to a landline number, 10p per minute to a mobile number and 15p per minute overseas.

Invoices are generated on a monthly basis including your management fee, call time and patched time plus VAT.

Telephone Answering Prices

Gooseberry -£35 / month
Low Volume Use
90p / min for all calls

Marmalade -£75 / month
With Some Included Minutes
50 mins included / month
85p / min for excess calls
Strawberry -£114 / month
Most Popular Package?
100 mins included / month
84p / min for excess calls
Blackcurrant -£191 / month
Need a Bit More?
200 mins included / month
83p / min for excess calls

Telephone Answering Prices

Cherry - £269 / month
Need even more?
300 mins included / month
83p / min for excess calls
Raspberry -£347 / month
Tasty Package for Higher Volumes
400 mins included / month
83p / min for excess calls
Apricot -£420 / month
Sizeable Call Volumes
500 mins included / month
82p / min for excess calls
Peach - £795 / month
Only For The Really Busy
1000 mins included / month
81p / min for excess calls

What is the difference between and PureJAM? is the basic message taking service, priced at £1 per call. On this service, they collect a caller’s name, company name, telephone number and a message.

The main difference is that we can transfer calls on PureJAM and also take additional information such as an email address/postal address.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are purejam?

PureJAM is one of the services to be offered by JAM, one of the UK’s longest running, award-winning answering services.

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What do you do?

PureJAM is a virtual reception service where we can answer calls in your company name, taking a message and/or transferring the call across to you.

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Are you genuinely a 24/7 service?

We do offer a genuine 24/7 service (including bank holidays). If your line is diverted, we will always answer your calls.

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Will I receive my own dedicated number?

As part of the service we can provide an 0208 number (or an 0207 at your request). This number will remain in your account for the time you are a client.

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How long does setup take?

Setting up your PureJAM account is incredibly quick to do. Most accounts are up and running within 10-15 minutes. Click on sign up and then follow the instructions from there. Once you have paid your first invoice, the account is then up and running.

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How do you know how to handle the calls?

Setup is done by yourself online so they just follow your instructions, answering in the company name and following the screen as per your requirements. On the PureJAM service, you can also create usernames with individual instructions such as call patching (transferring), and taking a message.

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Can I set a timetable so I can change my call instructions as per the time of day?

This would be no problem. There is a feature on this account called Auto (Timed). If you have your usernames set to this status, you can then create a timetable. For example, available (with call patching) 9am – 5pm and outside of these times to just take a message.

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This all sounds great – how do I sign up?

You just need to click on the Sign Up button and fill in your information. You get sent a username and password to your portal login. Once you have setup the account and paid the first invoice, everything will be live and ready to go.

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What is the contract term?

PureJAM works on a rolling monthly contract.

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How do I cancel the service?

If you would like to cancel the service, you just need to send an email across to and accounts will then sort any final payments. The notice period is 30 days.

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