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Overseas Companies

Do you require a presence in the UK?

If your company is based outside the UK, but you want to project a UK based image, we can provide you with a number of virtual office services.

Firstly, we can provide a UK telephone number which will be directed to our offices. If you require specific geographical or non-geographical numbers we can arrange this for you.

We can provide either a basic messages service or a more complex answering service. 

Secondly, you may use our address so that UK customers can contact you, we will forward this mail to you. This saves you the costs of acquiring premises in the UK or using a PO Box number. This may be used on your website, letterheads etc.

This address is not to be used for 

• the delivery of goods for your company and we reserve the right to refuse goods deliveries.
• As a physical place of business (as required by HMRC)
• Any illegal activity.

We will ask for formal identification and reserve the right to cancel immediately should we discover any illegal activity and notify the authorities if deemed necessary.