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Mobile Workers

Due to the advances in technology, there is an increasing number of workers who are "on the road" - with access to email and telephone calls via their mobile phones or tablets there is no longer a need for mobile workers to have a desk in an office. They can be based at home and deal with customers and clients from home or on the move.
This poses a few issues for companies and individuals.
Mail forwarding
if your customers wish to send mail to mobile workers, they either have to send it to a head office for it to be forwarded or it is sent direct to their home address.

Telephone Answering.
Telephone systems today can forward on calls directly to mobiles, but for mobile workers they tend to spend a lot of time either in meetings, travelling to meetings or doing the paperwork as a result of meetings.

There are 2 issues to consider:

Mobile phone safety. When travelling it is dangerous for drivers to answer the phone, even hands free kits mean that they are not concentrating fully on the road. Some companies have actually completely banned the use of any mobile phone, whether it's a company issued phone or the employees personal property, while operating a company owned vehicle. 

Diverting calls to voicemail - it has been found that 70% of people will not leave a message when they get through to voicemail. This could mean a lost sale or opportunity for your business.
How we can support mobile workers
We can provide a cost effective mailing address to which all mail can be sent. We can either forward on by post or scan and email. This costs from 19p per day.

If you are unavailable, with a telephone answering service, the mobile worker can divert all calls to an answering service. The hardest part initially is for the employee to adjust to not answering every phone call.

Once you are out of your meeting or reached your destination you can either then call us to pick up any messages or we will email or text them directly to you, so you can pick them up on your phone

All our answering services are answered by real people who are able to professionally take messages and collect all the information you require.