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Expats and Travelling - Case Study

Travelling Overseas and Expat
There are many people, young and old that are taking time out to go travelling – this can be across the UK or the Globe. This means that they do not have a central permanent point of contact for their mail.  This is also true for people that have left the UK to live overseas, who then have no UK address for their dealings with banks, government departments etc.
We can provide the mailing address, also known as an accommodation address, where you can have all your mail redirected to, or notify all your contacts to send their mail.
Once received we can either:

  • scan them for you and upload to your personal I-Support account so that you can access them wherever you are (as long as your location has an internet connection!!).
  • Hold them and send on to you weekly or monthly.

If required we will hold onto all your mail during the year and forward to you once you return to the UK or back to a permanent address.