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Charities Case Study

Many charities or foundations are seeking to reduce their overheads, so consider using our services to provide a contact address for the Charity Commission, volunteers and for fundraising.

By using our offices as a correspondence address it not only saves the cost of renting offices, which would be paid for out of the funds that have been raised for the good causes, but it also ensures that the trustees addresses are kept private.

Many charities are companies limited by guarantee and have been registered at Companies House, as well as with the Charity Commission. By using the Registered Office Address and "Directors (Trustees)" Service, the Charity can be use the address as its legal address for official correspondence, and the Directors do not have to provide their home address on official records and online databases.

If a Charity also wishes to use the address for fundraising and for general day to day correspondence, they can apply for our virtual address service, and mail can be forwarded from the virtual office to the homes of the charity members either via scan or by post on a dialy, weekly or monthly basis.

The cost effective services ensure that the donations made to the charity are not spent on expensive premises and more money can be used for the purpose it was originally donated.